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SWAGAT: Minimum Government, Maximum Governance

Focusing on attributes like accessibility, decentralization, efficiency, innovation
and participation, the SWAGAT initiative underscores the model of efficient
governance put in place by Shri Narendra Modi since 2003.

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Grievances by Application of Technology"
People centric governance in action
  Through SWAGAT online, Shri Narendra Modi interacts with the applicants every
month. Senior officers of various departments are also present in the session
through video conferencing and cases are redressed on the same day. All directions given by the CM are formally recorded on the same day, thereby enhancing accountability.
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SWAGAT: Presentation From the Archives
A successful example of decentralized governance
The robust system of GRAM SWAGAT enables even people of rural Gujarat to get their problems solved at the earliest. The system is designed in such a manner that it enables solving the grievances registered by people in a time bound manner by the officials. This endeavour has successfully brought the administration right to the doorstep of the people, with last mile delivery.
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SWAGAT gets the coveted Public Service award by UN

The UN adjudged SWAGAT as one of the best initiatives which has enabled people to reach the administration through technology. SWAGAT received this honour in the Public Service Category for improving Transparency, Accountability and Responsiveness.
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A golden legacy of 10 years continues to serve

Last year, SWAGAT successfully completed ten glorious years, keeping Shri Narendra Modi's philosophy of pro-people governance at the forefront. This pathbreaking concept has enabled the state administration to successfully address the problems of people by making the most of technology.
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