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4th October 2013
Vision India: Skilled, Committed & Prosperous
During the past few weeks, Shri Narendra Modi has been travelling through the length and breadth of India meeting various people at close quarters and interacting with them. In these numerous interactions he has been sharing his vision of Ek Bharat, Shreshth Bharat. He has heard from the people and also spoken to them about hope, happiness and pride.
Vision Organic Farming: Dual benefits for Rural and Urban India
(Shri Narendra Modi addressing the Vibrant Gujarat Global Agri Summit.)
While inaugurating the Vibrant Gujarat Global Agri Summit, Shri Narendra Modi shared numerous ideas to elevate the Agricultural sector and alleviate its challenges. Stressing on the fact that Indian farmers are natural organic farmers, Shri Modi presented the model he believes will help both the rural and urban citizen. Using proper waste management system, rural farmers can organically grow vegetables and other food products and sell them to urban consumers at a very reasonable price.
Watch Shri Narendra Modi Explain Successful Model of Organic Farming
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Vision Skill Development: Transforming the youth through skills
(Shri Narendra Modi sharing his vision at the National Conference on Skill Development.)
Addressing the National Conference on Skill Development, Shri Narendra Modi said that India has 65% youth yet the biggest challenge among the youth is jobs. He further added that while there are many skill based jobs available in the country, the Central Government has never focused on skill development. Shri Modi's vision was to increase the number of training institutes which provide skills and in the process provide jobs and direction to the youth of India.
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Vision to Provide Better Living at the Border for all soldiers
(Shri Narendra Modi inspiring Ex-servicemen at a massive rally in Rewari)
Addressing a massive rally in Rewari, Shri Narendra Modi praised the contribution of the ex-servicemen to the country and even shared his vision and concern for the Armed Forces. Shri Modi lamented that there is no clear Central Government vision to provide something as basic as clean water to the soldiers guarding India's borders which could reduce their hardship. Shri Modi also shared a solution for the same which he has implemented for the benefit of the BSF guarding the borders of Gujarat.
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Vision Animal Welfare: Caring for the Livestock
(Shri Narendra Modi at the All India Conference on Livestock & Dairy Development)
Time and again, Shri Narendra Modi has spoken about the concerns of the Livestock in the country. With human health dependent on the Livestock, Shri Modi envisages healthy livestock which is lively and well taken care of thus giving nutritional output. He spoke about the same at the inauguration of the Sadhu Vaswani College of Nursing and also at the All India Livestock and Dairy Development. Here he also shared best practices of Gujarat which ensures healthy Livestock and gives high yields.
Watch Shri Narendra Modi sharing his vision and successful practices in Livestock management. Also read about Gujarat's successful practices in Livestock management yielding positive results
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